Stealth Energy 1150 Deep Cycle Solar Battery

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The Stealth 1150 is a 12-volt 115 Ah battery. The Stealth 11500, compared to our competitors, has a far higher ‘high rate capacity, which can protect the battery from unexpected surges, and longer run times, greater cyclability, and longer life.


✔️ PARTIAL CHARGE PERFORMANCE - In renewable energy applications, batteries are often left in a partial charge, which leads to battery degradation. Stealth Energy added a special mixture of carbon and other proprietary additives in the negative active material so the battery can optimally perform even in a partial state of charge
✔️ LOWER INTERNAL RESISTANCE - AGM separator, unlike any in the market, to extend battery life, lower internal resistance, and prevent batteries from drying out (one of the leading causes of failure in AGM batteries)
✔️ SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION - Special Double wrapped AGM separator material protects the battery from short-circuits in high vibration applications, such as Auxiliary Power and Mobile Power applications.


    • Capacity Amp-Hours: 115
    • Voltage: 12
    • Depth of Discharge: 50%
    • 25A: 239
    • 56A: 95
    • 75A: 65
    • Length: 12.99”
    • Width: 6.81”
    • Height: 8.35”
    • Weight: 69lbs


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