Pure Copper Water Bottle (Handmade)

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This 100% pure copper bottle will be your partner in crime all day long.  From long days at the office to hiking trips, to a day full of running errands, this 30-ounce copper bottle will pave the way to a healthier and happier you.

Sometimes, all you need to brighten up your day is the little reminder from the handmade copper water bottle sitting on your desk to drink water, get healthier and more radiant looking skin, and boost your metabolism all while gaining coppers natural anti-oxidant benefits.  


✔️ REUSABILITY - Copper can last for literally hundreds of years with maintenance thus, it is the perfect material for reusability and sustainability

✔️ RECYCLABLE - Copper can also be recycled continuously and maintains its integrity through continuous recycling. 

✔️ NATURALLY PRODUCED - Copper is naturally produced. Consumers can purchase copper without worrying about whether the manufacturing process is harmful to the environment. 


Useful Tip: Fill your bottle before bed and let it sit overnight (at room temperature) so you can drink it in the morning and gain all the benefits from the copper.

Care Instructions: Copper darkens naturally over time (and that's ok)! While copper is naturally antibacterial, it will need some upkeep from time to time. We recommend using lemon juice and warm water to clean your bottle naturally.


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