Organic Black Milk Waste Tee

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The world's first shirt made from milk waste 🥛 This unisex shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable. It is 3x softer than cotton and it is perfect for everyday use or even as a pair of pajamas for bed.

Use 60% less water than a cotton shirt. 128 million tons of milk go to waste every year globally and every 5 shirts save one glass of milk going to landfills and plants 15 new trees. It can take up to two months to make the milk shirt.


✔️ Each shirt contains 18 amino acids, perfectly nourishes the skin and improves skin texture.

✔️ 3x softer than cotton

✔️ Allergy-free

✔️ Odor-free

✔️ Anti-microbial

✔️ Breathable

✔️ Anti-wrinkle

✔️ Body-fitting

✔️ Temperature regulating

✔️ Moisture-wicking 

✔️ Stretchy

✔️ Eco-friendly

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