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Lavender Cypress Shampoo Bar

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This lavender cypress shampoo bar is a wonderful combination for most hair types. The scent is herbaceous, fresh and woody, with pure lavender and cypress essential oils.

Natural Ingredients: distilled water, organic coconut oil, palm oil (organic & sustainably harvested), castor oil, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, aloe gel, sodium hydroxide, lavender and cypress essential oils


✔️ I absolutely LOVE this shampoo bar. It makes my hair squeaky clean and gives it great volume. Please never stop making this, I will be back for more!! 

✔️ LOVE this shampoo bar. I've tried other natural ways of washing my hair but I never can get past the "greasy" hair beginning stages. With this shampoo bar, my hair acted just like I had used my favorite commercial shampoo except this way was natural! Thanks so much

✔️ Another awesome purchase, I have very thin, baby fine hair and I believe my hair looks and feels thicker and healthier after even the first wash. and you definitely don't need conditioner after using this which is a big plus for baby fine hair like mine.

✔️ This is the first time using a shampoo bar and I'm pretty impressed. This scent is sooo amazing and my hair feels so much thicker after using this. Awesome seller. Quick shipping and great communication! Wonderful products :)

✔️ Gets your hair squeaky clean -- literally! Quick shipping; thanks!

✔️ My favorite shampoo bar from yet! Leaves my hair clean, soft and shiny with no weird residue like others I've tried. Smells great too!

✔️ Love this!!! Love the way my hair feels after switching to homemade bar shampoo. I will never go back to store bought again!

✔️Absolutely divine, your shampoo actually leaves my hair feeling great, the other bar shampoo's I have tried it takes weeks to get used to and leaves my hair rather oily. Love your moisturizer too, the texture and smells are wonderful

✔️ This bar smells fantastic and comes in a great size. This is my first experience with a shampoo bar so my hair still seems to be adjusting but already has more volume. The shipping was extremely fast as well! Thank you for the free charcoal 's lovely!

✔️ I just used this once last night and wow! I have very thicky shiny dark brown hair that has a natural wave. After using this shampoo, my hair was really quite curly! It completely brought out my waves to the extreme, and I love it. It rinsed to feel quite squeaky clean, but even without conditioner it didnt feel dry. The smell is quite herbal, but I love rosemary so for me thats no problem. The bar makes a great lather, and at the price is an excellent deal.

✔️ This has to be one of the very best shampoo bars I've used in the last 2 years. Very nice.


One bar weighs approximately 5 oz

To get a good lather, swipe the soap bar across your wet hair a few times and lather and scrub. Then rinse.

To ensure the long life of your soap, store the bar in a cool place, out of direct sunlight until you’re ready to use it. In your shower, store the bar away from the direct water stream, and out of any standing water.


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