Country Lavender Essential Oil Tin Beeswax Candle

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Three ounces of 100% pure beeswax infused with the wonderful qualities of essential lavender oil, in a classy silver container.

A unique combination of essential oils including lavender and sweet orange, makes for a soothing candle that is just the right blend of flowery, with a hint of citrus to make a one-of-a-kind beeswax candle.

Honey Candles® Essential oils are aromatic liquids that have been distilled and expressed from the fruit and peel of the plants to collect the unique oils for these candles. Honey Candles® line of essential oil tins are made with 100% pure beeswax, gently infused with natural and healthy essential oils for a light home fragrance Hand made in Canada, using only safe and environmentally-friendly ingredients: no solvents, heavy metals, nor any other toxins commonly found in other types of scented candles. 

Lavender has been known for millennia to have many wonderful properties. Many people find that the scent leaves them feeling more relaxed and that they sleep better. You can now buy pillows that have been infused with Lavender. Honey Candles® Essential Tins are infused with a soft subtle scent that doesn't overwhelm the senses like many synthetic fragrances.


✔️ Colored with environmentally-friendly dyes

✔️ Non-hazardous and non-carcinogenic

✔️ Not tested on animals

✔️ Solvent free and free of harmful chemicals like naphthalene

✔️ No fragrance oils, only essential oils

✔️ Handmade in Canada 


  • Candle Size: 1 3/4" h x 2 1/2" d
  • Burning Time: 12-15 hours



3-7 days

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