Compostable Loofah Scrubber - Pack of 6

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Looking for an alternative to the plastic sponge or plastic bath loofah? Look no further than our heirloom Mayan loofah scrubbers.


✔️Brush with Bamboo's heirloom loofah are sourced from a single Mayan family farm in the tropics of Guatemala

✔️Grown using traditional methods, these loofahs are free of all pesticides and herbicides and are completely unprocessed

✔️Each loofah comes compressed and flattened

✔️The loofah will expand when wet


Kitchen: Apply dish soap to loofah and use to wash dishes. Change loofah every 3 to 5 weeks depending on usage.

Bath (exfoliation): Apply body soap to loofah and use to exfoliate skin.

Bath (cleaning): Apply cleaning agent to loofah and use to clean sinks, tiles, and tubs.


Our loofah are 100% plant fiber and completely compostable. To discard: compost or simply bury in your garden. Loofah will decompose within 30 days. The paper label can be recycled or composted.


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