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USDA Organic Label

We've all done it: gotten gravy on a spotless outfit right before the party. Smeared food across a freshly scrubbed counter-top. Put a spoon in the sink even though we'll need it again... all because we don't have a spoon rest. That's why we invented the 'Give it a Rest' spatula.

Our 'Give it a Rest' spatula is a combination of a spoon rest and a spatula. This innovative spatula is lovingly crafted from a single piece of USDA certified organic bamboo, with a small, patented bump on the back – a natural characteristic of how bamboo grows.


✔️ Sizes: 12''

✔️ USDA certified organic

✔️ Lightweight and more durable than wood

✔️ Made without glues or lacquers

✔️ This bamboo spatula won't scratch cooking surfaces

✔️ Naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial

✔️ Natural food-safe oil finish

✔️ Not recommended for microwave or dishwasher

✔️ Hand wash for longer life and avoid prolonged soaking

✔️ Recommend using Bamboo and Wood Grain Finishing Oil to keep your bamboo beautiful for years to come


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