100% Organic Cotton Masks

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Keep yourself and the environment safe with one of these fashionable organic cotton reusable face masks. They're made from natural seeds and provide both protection and comfort to users! Offered in three different colors: black, white, and dusty rose.


✔️ 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton

✔️ no pesticides or harmful chemicals

✔️ soft on the skin

✔️ reusable

✔️ handmade with love


Consider washing it with soap and water before air drying (or tumble dry on low heat)


*A cloth mask is not as protective as an N95 mask and the two should not be confused. This product should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment. The device has not been industry-tested nor has it been NIOSH approved. The decision to use this mask is solely on your own.


 3-5 days

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carbon offsets fund forest conservation in the Amazon rainforest


Plastic Free Packaging

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