100% Bamboo 3 Ply Double Length Toilet Paper

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Add a little more luxe to your loo and impress your guests with something a little bit fancy pants. Whether you’re an over or under, folder or scruncher, this is the posh way to polish your butt. Good for both you and the environment. 


✔️ 100% Tree-free toilet paper

✔️ Made from 100% sustainable bamboo pulp

✔️ FSC-A000521 Certified

✔️ 3 Ply so it’s extra cushy for your tushy!

✔️ 48 Double-length rolls, 370 sheets per roll

✔️ From 28c per 100 sheets

✔️ Wave-embossed for that extra softness

✔️ Sheet size: 3.9inch x  3.9inch


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