Soothing Soap

Soothing Soap

Good for your skin? Check. Aesthetically pleasing? Check. Sweet scent? Check. Environmentally friendly? CHECK! What more could you want from soap? Well, buckle up. Here are additional reasons why our soaps should be a regular in your household.

Consumer Friendly

Natural ingredients will always be our game. The herbs, clays and essential oils used in each bar of soap are of the highest quality -- specifically chosen for their health benefits to the body. The result: your skin will be soft, hydrated and glowing (moisturized skin is the secret to anti-aging afterall). In contrast, some soaps on the market are made with harsh detergent, dyes and synthetic fragrances which can leave your skin ashy and dry. We go as far as to offer organic and vegan options as well.

Planet Friendly

Majority of our soap bars are hand-cut and packaged with material that were upcycled. So, say goodbye to plastic containers and wrappers. 

Some of our soaps are also vegan. Going vegan wherever you can in your life can reduce an individual’s carbon footprint up to 73% according to a study by University of Oxford. The study found meat and dairy production is responsible for 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions, which means wherever you can cut it out will only help the environment.