Hair Health

If it’s clean for you, it’s also clean for the earth. Our hair products are all natural and organic, from the product itself, down to the packaging. So feel free to whip your luscious locks back and forth, because you deserve it.

Planet Friendly

We work with companies that are dedicated to making sure its packaging contains ZERO plastic. If you want a hair product that comes with minimal packaging -- try our shampoo/conditioner bars. They’re wrapped in recyclable/compostable paper. Bar soap not your thing? We have bottles made out of aluminum bottles that can be recycled indefinitely without any quality loss!

Consumer Friendly

Our hair products are vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable, sulfate free, color safe and silicone free. They’re all organic and vegan, which means it’ll give your hair a gentle lather to restore life and manageability. Some brands marketed as shampoo are actually chemically and functionally *soap*. Soap strips your hair of its sheen, and is essentially harmful for your mane. Ask any stylist.