Ditch Dirty Dental

Most important part of dental hygiene is to leave your bi-annual teeth cleaning appointments with good reviews from your dentist. We can help you do that, all the while keeping bad chemicals out of your month, and the earth.

Planet Friendly

All our dental products are 100% biodegradable -- from the product to its packaging. The companies strive to be zero-waste, and upcycles its packaging when possible.

The products are hand-crafted in small batches, made from locally and ethically sourced ingredients. The products are not tested on animals and most are suitable for vegans. 

Consumer Friendly

One of our main dental product partners is with the company, “Georganics.” They are 100% natural, foregoing even synthetics like SLS and Triclosan, that other organic toothpastes still have.

SLS -- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the foaming agent in toothpaste (and other products). According to The Wall Street Journal, it can be a skin irritant. If you have eczema or dermatitis, SLS can cause heightened allergic reactions. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also notes repeated exposure can lead to dermatitis. Short-term exposure, particularly in powdered form, can cause irritation to your skin, eye and respiratory tract.

While Triclosan is an ingredient added to many consumer products to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. According to the FDA, some short-term animal studies showed some decrease in levels of thyroid hormones. Other studies raised the possibility that it contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. And another study is investigating the potential of developing skin cancer after long-term exposure to triclosan in animals.