Bangin’ Bags

“GIRL, what a cute bag!” “Dude, sick bag.” Nothing makes more of a fashion statement than an environmentally friendly and stylish one. Our bags are made with both in mind.

Planet Friendly

Most of our bags and clutches are made from hemp or jute. If you’re not familiar with either fiber material, let us break it down for you.


-It’s a durable fiber derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It’s been used for fabric for centuries in Nepal. 

-It grows in abundance, and produces more fiber per hectare than cotton and flax.

-Does not require pesticides, herbicides, and controls erosion of topsoil

-Renewable and can be cultivated in less than 100 days


-Air permeable, moisture absorbent, warm weather suitable

-Softens with use, so bags are long-lasting and remain beautiful


-From the Corchorus Olitorius and Corchorus Capsularis plants, native to the Indian subcontinent

-Grown throughout the year

-Sturdy and biodegradable, often made into outdoor cushions, laundry baskets, aprons, and rugs

-Second most versatile fabric after cotton

-Second most common fiber grown and used across the world

-Uses less water to produce than any other plant -- making it the most eco-friendly material 

Consumer Friendly

Apart from being aesthetically COOL, the unique material used will definitely garner attention and questions. Then, you can share with friends your eco-oriented lifestyle. On top of that, these are handmade bags made with material meant to last. You get a bag that’s durable, reasonably priced, and you’re helping the environment. It’s the perfect trifecta!