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Bamboo Wet Wipes

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Our baby-safe, hypoallergenic bamboo wet wipes are made with a moisturizing blend of aloe, vitamin E, cucumber extract and nourishing ingredients that soothe the skin while keeping you clean and refreshed. We've left out anything harsh and unsafe, like alcohol or synthetic fragrance, so they've and gentle and safe for all personal needs and ideal for sensitive skin. Each wet wipe is 7'' x 6'', made with sustainable bamboo, vegan, and never tested on animals



✔️ Does not contain alcohol, parabens, or petroleum derived ingredients

✔️ Not tested on animals

✔️ Vegan-friendly

✔️ Made in California



50 count



3-7 days


Free Carbon Neutral Shipping

carbon offsets fund forest conservation in the Amazon rainforest


Plastic Free Packaging

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