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To sense the world through smell connects us to the most ancient part of our brains, our olfactory system is our taproot to deep memory. When you smell the fragrance of a plant, you are hearing it speak to you; botanical scent is chemical communication. Our Plant Perfumes are entirely plant based, so to smell the Plant Perfumes is to enter the collective memory of plant and human conversation. Radicle fragrance...

Gender inclusive scents for all bodies, minds, and hearts

Scent options:

  • Artemis at Dawn: Botanical scent with rose
  • Persephone Emerges: Blooming jasmine and grapefruit
  • Wolf Shepherd: Exotic, earthy smell with plant-like undertones

Please use within 6 months of purchase. Store in a cool and dry place.


✔️ Organic

✔️ Freshly made to order skin food

✔️ Does not contain toxins that make things last forever



2 fl oz.



3-7 days

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