The Salvos Mission

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels today are higher than at any point in human history because of the fossil fuels we are burning for energy to create, sell, and ship goods and services. The high levels of COare dramatically warming our planet and creating a significant change in the climate.

If we do nothing to address climate change, our world will be destabilized. Major cities will be underwater, whole regions of the world that have produced our food will be desolate, and certain parts of the world will become unlivable. However, the worst effects of climate change won’t be higher sea levels, higher rates of asthma, or even more extreme weather. Climate change threatens to upend our economies, our politics, our culture, and whether we can even continue with the assumption that the future will be more prosperous and more just than the past.

One of the most significant ways we can make the societal change at the pace necessary to deal with a problem as looming and as ubiquitous as climate change is at the ballot box. As citizens we have to wait 2-4 years to cast our votes, however, as consumers, we can cast our vote with our wallets every day. 

Products that are sustainably made are more available and affordable than at any time in modern history. However, there is enormous consumer confusion about what green and sustainable really means and there is a growing trend among consumers to throw up our hands and resign all sustainability efforts as just marketing hype. At Salvos, we want to offer consumers the ability to shop for sustainable products simply and without the BS. We want to give consumers the knowledge that every product that is offered on our platform makes a meaningful difference for the environment. 

We also recognize that global supply chains are not perfect, and nearly all products on some level are affected by practices that are unsustainable. As global supply chains become more sustainable we will enhance our standards. Instead of resigning to perfectionism and the attitude that everything sucks and there is nothing you can do, we want to give consumers the ability to take the first step by offering a comprehensive selection of products that are actually sustainable for our economy. 

In the past century, our economic progress has uplifted billions of people out of poverty and has provided safety and security for more people than at any other time in human history. However, all this progress could amount to an illusion since it rests on the back of unsustainable supply chains and capitalism powered by fossil fuels.  

We named this firm Salvos, which means ‘survival’  in Latin because we fundamentally believe that our economy must be sustainable in order for the modern economy and civilization to survive. 

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