5 Reasons Why Shampoo Bars Are Better than Bottles

shampoo bars are the real deal

Shampoo bars are becoming a major trend in the hair care industry. They tend to have flashy vegan and natural ingredients with claims to be eco-friendly and better for your hair. In fact, shampoo bars are not even a “new trend” -- solid soap shampoos were commonly used before liquid shampoos became popular during the industrial revolution. 

Are these health and environmental claims about shampoo bars actually genuine or just cleverly marketing something old as something new and magical?

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Turns out, shampoo bars live up to their bold claims. Our personal favorite shampoo bars are from HiBAR! HiBAR is an authentic salon-quality hair care shampoo bar, developed by high-end hair-care professionals. 

Shampoo bars have even been recommended over bottled alternatives by Natural Geographic for their environmental and health benefits. Here are five reasons why shampoo and conditioner bars actually live up to the hype.


1. Shampoo Bars Are Plastic-Free

We’ll get straight to the point. Shampoo bottles are a big problem. Why? 

They are a problem because they are wrapped in plastic. What’s wrong with plastic, you ask? 

Plastic takes more than 500 years to degrade! That means, literally, every single piece of plastic we have made is still with us in a landfill or in the ocean. This year Americans will discard over half a billion empty shampoo and conditioner bottles that will continue to exist in the environment until the year 2500. 

The reason shampoo and conditioner mainly come in plastic bottles is that they contain upwards of 80% water. But wait! There’s already water in your shower... hmmm…

Shampoo and conditioner bars are a great and easy way to cut down on unnecessary plastic waste.

We highly recommend HiBAR shampoo and conditioner bars. They come in all-paper packaging, which is recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free! 

HiBAR Packaging

this packaging does not last for half a millennia :) 

2. Shampoo Bars Are Cost-Effective & Last A Long Time 

Shampoo and conditioner bars are made only with the concentrate that keeps your hair clean and fresh. Bottled shampoo and conditioner, comparatively, is effectively water in a container with a small amount of concentrate. Accordingly, these bars can last up to two to three times as long as a shampoo bottle wrapped in plastic since they are super concentrated. 

These bars sud up right away when applied with the water in the shower, and you can quickly get the lather you need to keep your hair clean. This means a shampoo and conditioner bar can save you time and money while keeping you glowing.

HiBARs shampoo and conditioner bars are ergonomically shaped to fit snuggly into your hand and have a beveled top that can be applied to wet hair. They are designed to be easy to use and last for a very long time. 

HiBAR is ergonomically shaped and has a beveled top

designed for ease of use and maximizing hair health

3. Natural Ingredients & Better for Your Hair

Shampoo and conditioner bars are typically free of chemicals that leave your hair feeling dry, and they are usually made without palm oil, an ingredient linked to deforestation. The natural ingredients and essential oils found in shampoo bars have reported benefits of increased volume, faster-growing hair, reduced dandruff, shinier hair, and less frizz.

HiBAR formulas are vegan (the exception being the trace amount of honey in our Maintain bars). No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, palm, or cruelty, either. 

hibar shampoo bars

not made from chemical soup!

HiBAR also makes three styles of shampoo and conditioner bars Maintain, Moisturize, and Volumize so you can tailor your shampoo to your hair type and maximize your hair health.


For normal hair, or to remove product build-up


For thick or dry hair, or if you wash more frequently


For thin, fine or lifeless hair, or to add more body or definition


4. Shampoo Bars are Great for Traveling and On the Go

Shampoo bars can easily be packed into your gym bag or in your luggage. The best part of traveling with a shampoo bar is that it is entirely within TSA regulations, and you never have to worry about meeting TSA’s liquid limit of 3.4 ounces.

You also don’t need to worry about your shampoo leaking out a bottle and all over your clothes while you travel since...you know...shampoo bars are solid. 

 traveling woman who is slightly annoyed

meeting exact TSA limits is such a drag! UGH!

5. Shampoo Bars are Easy to Apply and Are Beneficial for Every Hair Type

There are two main easy methods to apply shampoo from a bar.


Bar to Head Method


  1. Thoroughly wet your hair and your shampoo bar
  2. Gently run the wet shampoo bar onto your hair to your scalp to their ends
  3. Rinse & Repeat 

Bar to Hand Method


  1. Thoroughly wet your hair
  2. Lather the shampoo bar between your hands
  3. Comb the suds from your lather through your scalp and your hair
  4. Rinse and repeat!



Shampoo bars are genuinely packed with benefits. 

They save you money, they help our planet in a myriad of ways from reducing plastic waste, conserving water, and preserving forests, and they help your hair look and smell its best! 

Win! Win! Win!

If you’re interested in purchasing a shampoo or conditioner bar, check out our collection!

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