4 Earth Friendly Products to Help You With Social Distancing

The coronavirus has brought the world to a halt. It is a once in a lifetime disruption that is stressing hospitals, crippling the economy, and leaving each of us huddled into our homes. We all have to do our part in defeating the virus and ensuring our families and friends stay healthy and safe during this historic time.

There are shortages across the country at local grocery stores and pharmacies and we hope we can provide goods that can help you get through this difficult time. Many of us have also had to put our sustainable practices and lifestyles on pauses to deal with the practicalities of the combatting COVID-19. 

We have a number of basic earth-friendly supplies -- backed by scientific certifications or proven sustainability claims -- that may help you and your family practice social distancing and combat the coronavirus pandemic and protect the environment. 


Soap is a coronavirus annihilator. It is one of the most important tools you have to keep you healthy and safe. We offer 6th Street Soapery soaps which are handmade in Indiana using vegan & natural ingredients and are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. These have beautiful designs and luxurious scents that will keep you squeaky clean. 

When using soap make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds (that is very important!) 

Here Comes the Sun The Spice is Right Beauty from Ashes Land of Milk & Honey

Learn how soap can help you combat COVID-19:


The CDC recommends wearing a face mask while in public prevent getting or spreading COVID-19. From the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

The coronavirus can spread between people interacting in close proximity—for example, speaking, coughing, or sneezing—even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms.  In light of this new evidence, CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Our plastic-free organic hemp, cotton, and linen face masks are not only safe & non-toxic for adults & children, but also comfortable to wear for extended periods of time for true all-day protection.

100% Organic Linen Face Mask Hemp Face Mask Cotton Face Mask

Hemp also naturally reduces pests, so no pesticides are needed. Amazingly it also returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil. Not only is hemp gentle on the earth, but it also requires very little water, especially when compared to cotton, which, according to Slate uses “about 50 percent more water per season than hemp.”

Linen was one of the most common textiles, along with wool, used by the Western world for thousands of years. Linen naturally needs virtually no pesticides (its natural enemy is the fieldmouse, not insects) and little in the way of fertilizers or irrigation.  


If you do not have close access to soap and water hand sanitizer is a great replacement. The alcohol in hand sanitizer can help destroy virus cells on your hands. 

This hand sanitizer is made with high-quality Organic Aloe Vera gel and is bottled using 100% recyclable bottles (PET). All hand sanitizer products are cruelty-free.

Hand Sanitizer with Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Hand Sanitizer with Coconut & Lime


As you might have heard -- people are hoarding toilet paper like they are bars of gold. It’s kinda weird, but also kinda understandable. Most of us don’t have bidets installed in our homes. 

Our Green Heritage Pro toilet paper is Green Seal Certified and made from 100% recycled fiber. The Green Seal s the nation’s premier ecolabel and the product meets strict criteria for human health, reduced environmental impact, and excellent performance.

Green Heritage Pro Toilet Paper

Run of the mill toilet paper is also becoming less sustainable according to Ethical Consumer magazine. Analysis from Ethical Consumer magazine found that major brands were using less recycled paper than in 2011. The large-scale use of unrecycled paper contributes to unnecessary deforestation and forests and trees are absolutely vital in our fight against climate change. 

Basically this toilet paper can clean your tush and the environment. 



Dr. Anthony Fauci is a legendary American physician and immunologist who has is leading the nation's Coronavirus Task Force!

His no-nonsense briefings and integrity derived from a decades-long fight against infectious diseases are comforting an anxious nation facing the most significant pandemic in over a century. 

This shirt is made with HempHemp is one of the most sustainable and useful plants on Earth. Hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop than common materials such as cotton. 

'In Fauci We Trust' Hemp Tee

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