10 Sustainable Christmas Gifts

10 Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Every year we find ourselves in the same places. Just days before Christmas, scouring for last minute gifts that everyone will love.. Lucky for you, we have thought of them for you! Here are 10 sustainable Christmas gift ideas!

  1. Fair trade coffee to help you stay awake when your kids come knocking on your door at 5 am to see what Santa brought.
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Vermont Country Blend Ground Coffee 12 oz.
  1. A sustainably made water bottle to keep hydrated while we pretend we will work out more for our New Year resolution.

Matte Coral Water Bottle

  1. A Pela phone case that will both protect and preserve your phone, but also our oceans with its Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives. It is 100% compostable allowing you to be at the forefront of our mission to create a waste-free future, without having to sacrifice a comfortable phone case.

  1. A clean burning Coconut Wax Candle made with natural essential oils and cotton wicks. It is not only aesthetically pleasing and healthy, but it also smells great!

Fresh Pine Scent Coconut Wax Candle

  1. A bottle of hard-to-find hand sanitizer is on everyone’s Christmas lists this year. Solo Giovane hand sanitizer is a high-quality organic aloe vera gel that prevents dryness in skin while killing 99.99% of harmful germs.

Hand Sanitizer with Aloe & Tea Tree Oil

  1. A 100% Organic Cotton Masks that will have you second guessing every non-reusable you have ever worn. This sustainable mask offers you protection without skin irritation.

  1. A handwoven Dobi Jute Clutch that will update anyone's wardrobe. This stylish eco-friendly clutch can store all your essentials in one place.

Dobi Jute Clutch Black

  1. Plastic-Free Organic Scrunchies are the perfect stocking stuffer this year! These are 100% fair trade, plastic-free and biodegradable scrunchies that will look and feel great in anyone’s hair.

  1. Now hear me out, a roll of Green Heritage Pro Toilet Paper! This can be a relevant gag gift for the person in your family who loves a joke, but why not make your gag gift sustainable this year! Green Heritage Pro Toilet Paper is a Green Seal Certified product made from 100% recycled fiber and is safe for all septic systems!

Green Heritage Pro Toilet Paper (Green Seal Certified)

  1. A hand crocheted animal toy that will steal the heart of any child. These GOTS certified hand knit toys can be personalized with embroidered initials to add an extra bit of love to each animal.

Leo the Lion, Handmade


Our eco friendly goodies from home and kitchen to beauty and cosmetics are the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones this holiday season.

Your gift might be small but it will make a BIG impact for the special person in your life...and the earth

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